Credit Union

Why a Credit Union?

  • To reinforce community spirit and to promote a savings ethic amongst non-savers.
  • To help and encourage people to save and manage money. We do not offer "financial advice"
  • To make low cost loans available to members. Remember our loan rate is only 1% per month interest on the decreasing balance.
  • To assist those excluded from conventional finance There are many people who cannot comply with the large financial institutions credit rules, often through no fault of their own.

Credit Unions do not discriminate due to:
  • Race, creed, sex, social standing
  • Age or disability
  • Past loan history
  • Lack of credit record
  • Living on income support
  • Living in blacklisted areas
  • Insecure employment
  • Lack of loan history e.g. return from working abroad 
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